Each solution is tailor made to offer our clients an exceptional system which provides high quality water treatment

Constructed Wetland

Wetlands and reed beds

We design and construct bespoke systems for treating domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater.

natural ponds

Natural swimming ponds

We’re really excited about these systems. Natural swimming ponds offer a beautiful alternative to conventional chemical pools. 

Rainwater collection

Rainwater collection

Our innovative approach to rainwater harvesting allows users in all ASALs to benefit from an onsite water supply.

Greywater treatment

Greywater treatment

Don’t let untreated water discharge into the environment - simple systems can help you treat and re-use this valuable resource. 

Environmental management systems

We can assess your site to ensure you are compliant with all environmental issues including water, wastewater and solid waste management. Training in these areas can also be provided.

catchment hydrology

Catchment hydrology

GreenWater can measure and analyse river flow, runoff, vegetation cover and slopes as part of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

marine management

Marine resource management

Dr Sander den Haring, our marine specialist, covers marine resource use, marine conservation and more...

first aid

First Aid training

We conduct first aid/CPR courses through the Internationally recognized accreditation Emergency First Response (EFR). 


Providing environmental solutions to water and sanitation issues across East Africa.


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