Wetland and reed bedsWaste water treatment (design, construction & rehabilitation)

Any site without access to a sewer line must take on the challenge of waste water treatment.

We provide site-by-site solutions to allow sites to treat water in a sustainable manner.

We are able to give a range of unbiased turnkey solutions to help sites achieve NEMA discharge levels and re-use water in a cost effective and often innovative manner.

This may include reed beds, constructed wetlands or other systems most appropriate for the site and the clients needs.

When existing systems are not functioning efficiently, GreenWater can also assess the design, construction and operation of the system and guide you through their rehabilitation.

Greywater is comprised of wastewater from showers, sinks, laundries and kitchens, i.e. everything which is not from the toilet. This water can be treated using simple filtration systems which allow for localised irrigation or sub-surface disposal of treated water.

Please lease contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you accordingly.